Why do we need an African curriculum in the school?

This is the age of technology. Any information we need is at our fingertips. We can bypass the “red tape”, and get right to the root of the problem. That problem is we are allowing our children to become educationally dead!
African american children, step into their first school experience, with emotion, expectation, and an educational innocence. An innocence that should be “recognized and protected”. But we don’t.

We allow the “curriculum presently used” to teach our African american youth to identify with European, values, hero’s, individuals, books, pictures, identities and language instead of our own. This European curriculum is devastating in its efforts. And, the effort is to completly destroy African american’s educational path to excellence. So far it has been an overwhelmingly success. It’s called “cultural discontinuity”.(see Jacqueline Jordan Irvine in “Black Students and School Failure)

This curriculum with its European based philosophy of world domination, then chokes the educational life out of our youth. By 4th and 5th grade, the toxic nature of this alien curriculum, has killed their educational spirit!

Withered and dried up from a lack of relevance in the educational process, our children are “starved”. Starved for educational stimulation, they can’t get with a European based curriculum. Still starved for anything, stimulation turns to fascination with alternative life styles in, drugs, sex, crime, gang violence, incarceration, and eventually, early death.

3,000 years of African history and it’s relevance to the world, left out of the curriculum,(in African american communities) can be seen in falling district and city rank scores. Examples:

1 Increased falling district rank in sol scoring.
2 Increased falling mathematics and reading scores
3 Increased student overcrowding
4 Student labeling
5 Increased Special Education
6 Lowest city rank scoring
7 Higher student teacher ratio
8 Stagnate student population

Richmond City School’s poor district and city ranking, gives us a perfect opportunity to stop this trend now!

We want a task force to present our findings to the Richmond City School Board. We will present to them our desire to change the current curriculum. We want African history in the curriculum of school.

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